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GPU Liniment Oil Caplang 30ml


GPU Liniment Oil (Rub-Massage-Rub)COMPOSITION, Methyl Salicylate 353 mg, Eucalyptus Oil 182 mg, Nutmeg Oil 72 mg, Methyl Salicylate 200 mg, Citronella Oil 40 mg.

To help relieve muscle pain, aching rheumatic pain, joint pain, sprains, back pain, sprains, bruises from collisions, improving blood circulation.

Gpu Liniment Oil is made from a combination and composition of several Natural Essential Oils, including Nutmeg Oil. In the 15th century the Portuguese brought Nutmeg Plants (Species Myristica fragrans) to Ternate. From then on the Nutmeg Plant grew well and spread throughout the archipelago. Until now, Indonesia is the largest nutmeg producing country in the world.

Traditionally, Nutmeg Oil is believed to relieve aching rheumatic pain and muscle pain. With the addition of Eucalyptus Oil, Citronella Oil, and Gandapura Oil, GPU CAP LANG URUT OIL is the right choice for Rub, Massage, and Massage as well as relieve problems of muscle pain, aching rheumatic pain, joint pain, back pain, sprains, bruises due to collisions & smoothing blood circulation.

GPU CAP LANG MASSAGE OIL is also suitable for use by athletes to warm up, reduce pain and tension after exercise or other physical activities that require a large amount of exertion. Apart from that, GPU CAP LANG MASSAGE OIL is also recommended as massage oil for masseuse.

Registration Number : POM QD 132 611 981


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