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CapLang Kayu Putih – Cajuput Oil 120ml


Caplang Kayu Putih composition Eucalyptus Oil 100%

Helps relieve stomach pain, flatulence, nausea, and itching due to insect / mosquito bites.

CAPLANG KAYU PUTIH OIL uses eucalyptus oil from the best sources in Indonesia. One of them is from the island of Ambon. Eucalyptus oil from this island has a very distinct aroma and has a higher cineol content.

CAP LANG KAYU PUTIH OIL is a clear green liquid, which has many uses to treat the problem of feeling unwell. When used on the parts of the body that need it, this product is known to provide a feeling of warmth and therefore keep the body warm and comfortable especially during cold weather.

Registration Number : POM TR 142 679 841


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