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Fusipar Cream 10g


Fusipar Cream for treatment of skin infections caused by Staphylococcus, Streptococcus or other organisms sensitive to Fusidin such as impetigo, boils, carbuncles / stone ulcers, paronychia (inflammation of the tissue around the nails), infected wounds, folliculitis, sychosis barbae (fungal skin disease at the beard site) , erythrasma hidradenitis, acne.

How to use:

The cream is applied to the painful area 3 times a day, the duration of treatment is about 7 days and can be used with or without a bandage.

Contraindications: Fusipar Cream should be avoided in patients who have a history of hypersensitivity / allergy to Fusidic acid, should not be used to treat infections caused by organisms that are not sensitive to Fusidic acid, especially Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Each gram of cream contains Fusidic Acid 20 mg

Dose: Use 2-3 times a day, generally for 7 days.

Manufacture: PT. Genero Pharmaceuticals

No. Registrasi:
BPOM: DKL0935803429A1


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