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Lumiquin Cream Hydroquinone

Lumiquin Cream Hydroquinone is a drug to treat dark patches on the skin due to the accumulation of melanin (hyperpigmentation). Some hyperpigmentation conditions that can be treated with this drug are melasma, dark spots, and chloasma.

Benefits: Brightens skin that is darker in color due to hyperpigmentation

Used by adults and children >12 years old

How to Use 

Lumiquin Cream hydroquinone as directed by your doctor or the description on the package. To make sure you are not allergic to hyroquinone cream, apply a small amount of the cream on your arm and wait up to 24 hours. If you are allergic to hydroquinone, the area will feel itchy, swollen, or blistered. Do not use this medicine if you have an allergic reaction.

The part of the skin that is smeared with hydroquinone will become more sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, as much as possible avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen SPF 30 or more when outdoors.

Side effects that can occur are :

  • Reddish skin
  • Dry skin
  • Skin feels like it’s burning
  • Skin feels like stinging

Packaging : Box, Tube @ 15 g

Manufacture : PT. Genero Pharmaceuticals

Marketed by : PT. Derma Expro Asia

No. Registration : DKL1235804329A1

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