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Eqinon Forte Cream Hydroquinone 5

Eqinon Forte Hydroquinone 5 %15 g cream is a drug used to reduce skin hyperpigmentation. The drug Eqinon Forte Hydroquinone 5 % 15 g cream contains Hydroquinone, which reduces the occurrence of hyperpigmentation by interfering with the tyrosine-melanin system.

Dead skin cells and sebum that clog pores can cause blackheads to form, which can lead to acne breakouts. Anti-acne creams only treat pimples that have already formed, they don’t prevent clogging of the pores which is the root of the problem. The adapalene content in Palenox 0.1% Gel can help remove dead skin cells, regulate skin cell regeneration, and normalize sebum production. Adapalene is safer than tretinoin, doctors’ choice for acne simplex and acne vulgaris on sensitive skin. See and feel smoother skin, free of blackheads and acne with regular use.

Formulated for all skin types, but best suited for normal to oily skin. Clear color gel. Tube packaging protects the product contents from germ contamination, air and light contact. Each tube contains 15 grams.

Advantages :

Gel formulation is more effective against acne, 3rd generation retinoids are safer for sensitive skin.

Composition :

Hydroquinone 5%

Dose :

After the skin is cleansed with a cleansing lotion/cream, apply the cream to the area in need in the morning and evening for 6-8 weeks. 

Reduce the thickness of the spread on sensitive skin areas (eyelids, around the mouth and the creases of the nose).

Attention :

Avoid contact with eyes & other mucous membranes. Do not use on open wounds. Children < 12 years old.

Side effects :

Skin irritation

Packaging :

Tube 15 G

Manufactured by

PT. Genero Pharmaceuticals

No. Registration


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