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Niacef Nicotinamide 4% 15g


NIACEF NICOTINAMIDE 4% GEL is a drug to treatment and prevent nicotinic acid deficiency and also treatment acne inflammation. Niacef Gel contains nicotinamide 4%. When using this drug, you must comply with the doctor’s instructions.

General Indications:
Acne vulgaris / acne, especially in the form of inflammatory lesions with papules and pustules.

Composition: Nicotinamide 4%

Dose: Apply the gel 2 x a day

How to use: The gel is applied to pimples/inflammatory lesions

Attention: Avoid contact with eyes, nose and other mucous membranes. Pregnant 1st trimester Pregnancy

Contra indication: hypersensitive

Side effects: Burning sensation, erythema, dry skin, skin rash

Packaging: Box, Tube @ 15 g

Manufacture: Surya Dermato Medica Laboratories

No. Registration
BPOM: DKL9828602728A1


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